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Shery Saeed – CEO Advisor, Executive Coach

Knowing Customers and their Pain points

Talking to customers, gathering data, and looking for clues is the cornerstone of all product launches.


CEOs drive the culture, and their core values set the standards for employees' behavior and company reputation and presence.

Innovation a lifeline to reinventiion

Innovation unlocks cutting-edge solutions and breakthrough ideas that secure your position as an industry leader.

Experience exponential Growth

Rely on partnerships, collaboration, and persistence to find creative solutions to sell products and services and gain market advantage.

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Shery: The CEO’s Trusted Advisor for Transformational Leadership

She is a confidant who understands the intricacies of leadership, the weight of decision-making, and the nuances of organizational culture. Shery is a trusted advisor who guides CEOs and their companies toward reinvention and unparalleled growth.

Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that a CEO’s actions, especially during challenging times, are the compass that directs a company’s culture and trajectory. It’s not merely about what leaders proclaim but the decisions they make and the standards they set that truly shape an organization’s future.

Her academic foundation in physics has equipped her with an analytical mindset, allowing her to dissect complex business challenges precisely. Further complementing this is her MBA, distinguished with the honor of being a Deming Scholar, which has provided her with a holistic understanding of business strategies.

Starting her transformative journey at American Express and then pioneering as the first internal consultant for business transformation at Bear Stearns, Shery has consistently been at the forefront of change. Her experiences have taught her the art of strategic foresight, the importance of adaptability, and the value of decisive leadership.

Shery’s expertise bridges the gap between traditional business practices and modern, agile strategies. She offers CEOs a fresh perspective, helping them navigate today’s business landscape challenges. From setting up internal innovation hubs to recalibrating company strategies for the digital age, Shery ensures that CEOs can lead their companies into a prosperous future.

A staunch advocate for a growth mindset, Shery believes in fostering an inclusive culture where innovation thrives. She challenges CEOs to think differently, embrace change, and strive for excellence.

Shery is the go-to expert for CEOs seeking a seasoned advisor who brings experience, insight, and forward thinking. Her commitment to leadership excellence and her track record of guiding companies through transformative phases make her an invaluable asset for any CEO aiming for the pinnacle of success.

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Shery is a thought-provoking speaker and a master storyteller. She will take the audience on an exciting journey of new possibilities, and they will walk away with a notebook full of useful information.

Past Engagements


What People Are Saying?

Susan Lemons Executive Office Consultant

Shery is a strategic thinker and is able to reach and communicate with many levels of the organization. She was able to successfully complete projects that had been attempted previously but none successfully. Her balanced, fact-based approach along with her instincts makes Shery a real asset to any organization.

James Breiding CEO, Naisance Capital

Shery worked for my fund preparing for the US launch of the Women's Leadership Fund. She was an insightful leader with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. And she was a persuasive advocate with potential investors. She was an essential member of my team and I recommend her unequivocally.

Alberto Botero SVP, Rauxa

The best management/financial advice I’ve ever gotten on my professional life I’ve got from Shery, she is level-headed and has an uncanny ability to anticipate the unexpected.

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